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Our Story

Welcome to our website .

We have worked in the Australian Manufacturing Industry for over 33 years proving  Sales Marketing and Technical Service support for  Equipment installed  in the Automotive, Aerospace, Mining, Medical, General Engineering  Industries.

At the beginning World leading Brands of Equipment and Software solutions such as  

Caron Engineering, Diatest, Evoset PWB, Machsize, Nairda, Q-DAS, Valenite GTE ( VGAGE )   have been and are still Sold and Technically supported . 

Additional World leading Brands such as  Bilz, BOCCHI, IBR, iqs CAQ, Borletti, TESA have been added to our Sales Marketing and Technical Service Support team.

 In 1989  after visiting  Valenite GTE in USA for technical training, it provided the environment to provide  for  the first time  Turnkey CNC Gauging  in Australia at the BTR Engineering plant  . Later systems installed at the GM Holden  4Cyl plant in Melbourne for the Flywheels and Custom gauging for intake manifold sections. 

Ongoing work at the FORD engine plant in Geelong providing Technical Service Support for the Valenite Transfer lines on the Block , Intake sections continued until their Plant closure in 2016 .

Special equipment for TOYOTA plant in Melbourne supplying bore gauges from Diatest and Tool presetting equipment from PWB Swiss .

Custom gauges for NISSAN plant in Melbourne including Tool Presetters from PWB Swiss .

Inspection gauges from Diatest for the PBR Automotive (Brake&Clutch Industries).

Specialty custom gauges for Unidrive , ACL Pistons  using  Machsize probes and amplifier colour LED bargraph displays continued up to 2019 . The products can be supported technical to this day .

World leading technology systems designed by Caron Engineering, has introduced TURNKEY Measurement systems to be interfaced with  MAZAK, OKUMA, DMG , Hitachi Seiki, HASS ,  CNC suppliers

in Australia. 

If you have a Project please give us a call or send us an email to see how we can provide you with the latest and best Manufacturing Solution .

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief history.

 John Ciriacos 


+613 59666590



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