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    Solara  .MP provides the complete tool kit to evaluate and qualify the measuring systems and processes that are used in turn for the ongoing statistical analysis of manufacturing processes. To ensure that the measurements are reliable - reflecting actual and existing conditions - the measurement processes must be verified and qualified as trustworthy. solara.MP will carry out the necessary capability studies for measurement system and process verification, to eliminate the risk of misinterpretation of the collected data.

    qs-STAT is a comprehensive software package used for the statistical evaluation of quality information as well as for the assessment of processes and systems. With qs-STAT the user can engage in the evaluation and continuous improvement of processes based on widely recognized statistical evaluation methods and procedures as well as industry norms and company guidelines. Available in over 22 different languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian, qs-STAT enables data to be visualized in multiple languages enhancing your company's ability to communicate and present analysis data in any language required.

     With Procella measurement and test data can be manually collected or taken directly from the gages/multiplexers using interfaces. The collected data can be saved into files or stored in a central database. Stored and archived data can then be instantly visualized for quantitative and qualitative evaluation.

    With Destra process improvement - the deliberate optimization of existing process situations - can be brought to its pinnacle. destra offers a multitude of statistical studies from complex tests examining the correlation of processes to more simple Shainin methods so that the statistical significance of the data can be understood in its proper context.

    With a software design that is user intuitive, easily navigable and graphically engaging, destra will support the statistical layperson as well as the expert in identifying and implementing the most relevant tests.


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